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Anyone have any insight or thoughts about how the broader Finance org will be impacted? Rough times during the 17' layoffs....not looking forward to doing this dance again.

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@fah+169Mv2uM - LOL regarding your style over substance comments! The "jeans" comment resonates! One potential positive out of a layoff would be to avoid seeing that GLobal FInance VP clown (SW) wearing his skinny jeans....ridiculous.

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When all NIke does is pluck investment bankers who don't know squat about the internal working of corporate financial analysis, what do you expect?

I remember doing an informational interview with a Sr. Director for a Director role supporting the supply chain. I knew the org like the back of my hand and I had a good relationship with the supply chain players/geos, yet this former "investment banker" insulted me because I didn't have an MBA, I wasn't one of the "boys" and HE didn't know squat about the supply chain.

I got back to my desk and sent him and the recruiter who was trying to get me to apply and note letting them know I wasn't interested.

I left the company for greener pastures, and was very happy at the company I went to. I remember wishing I'd left sooner.

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@fah+169Mv2uM - pretty damn true

Global Finance has been lacking leadership for quite some time. The finance analysts in Global and Geo roles have been waiting for help for years and are essentially being ignored, just grinding away in the sweatshops. The lip service is there, but little action, vision and priority. Oh wait, they have SEC coming. Funny thing is, they actually think it's going to make a big dent. One, Finance can't even agree, internally, on what is in scope. Two, realistically, meaningful support for the folks that keep the finance org going is years away with the exception of COPA. How abt Retail?

Finance is perpetually kicking the can down the road and as a result, behind the curve. An FP&A strategy has been in the green room for abt 5 years and, like Matt Damon, still hoping to get on the show. Why? Could it be because we change leadership every 1.5 years and spend the first year getting leadership oriented or trying to decode their vague attempt at a strategy paired with little to no funding, just in time for them to move on? Could it be that our leaders too easily take the bait of fancy decks, silver consultant tongues and the vendors for selling a glittery piece of technology? Could it be that it's a complicated landscape and we lack the grit and courageous leadership to make decisions? Could it be that we don't have an actual FP&A org with the headcount, the focus and decision rights necessary?.....

In short, I'm not sure Finance can get much worse. The likelihood of pending decisions being positive is probably higher than normal given the condition we are in. I think we can only go up from here.

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and the sound bites aren’t really good

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All of Finance will be gone ... as NIKE continues to value “Style” and sound bites only.

Results and content mean nothing.

Accent + 1 band level
Retro car + 1 band level
Great watch + 1 band level
Jeans = must have
Jeans + handbag = must have Women’s division

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I think the biggest risk is a general down banding of roles. Thinning out S and E bands to flatten the org and make more direct reports under each leader. Then having a lower band assume the work of previous S or E band roles.

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