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Salesforce Refugees Come Together, Right Now!

Salesforce Ohana Refugees- There is a facebook group, Salesforce Refugees, that has been setup to help support those effected by the layoff. Also, there is a Salesforce Alumni group on LinkedIn as well which is a great place to seek support. Good luck to everyone that was effected.

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I think the name reflects more about the Company than it does a stereotype. Salesforce uses “Ohana” as part of its Branding and markets this heavily but what Family exiles it’s members during a global pandemic. To add insult to injury, they had plans to lay-off the remainder of the acquisition employees and others across the board In August after their delayed release was out so they spun it as a “90 day no layoff challenge” this was all about marketing and positioning, there is no Ohana, salesforce doesn’t do anything that it isn’t gaining a monetary or publicized benefit from, it’s bogus marketing they could care less about their employees it’s all about spin and share price.

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Calling anyone coming from a cushy job at Salesforce a 'refugee' is a bit much no?! I mean I'm against the layoffs but using the word 'refugee' is a tad dramatic.

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