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You cannot cut your way to growth!

Everything Quest does now is about cost cutting.

They are just a nearly dead brand hoping to hang on long enough for a good exit.

Their restructuring efforts have nothing to do with trying to grow its all about shedding cost.

You cannot cut your way to growth.


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One has to wonder what Quest would be like today if Dell had never happened...
I mean there were yearly layoffs even back then, so a successful turn around was never a sure thing.
But it could not possible be any worst.

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Quest was never about growth after the "Vinny and Doug" show left.
It was only ever about nepotism, and patting each others "friends" on the back.
I see some of the biggest s—ups have now lost their jobs.
Such a shame.
Just a few more to go.

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Growth was never a priority. Look at the last three CEOs. Two were former CEOs from Novel and Corel.
The other a “fixer” directly from Francisco partners. These guy were not put in place to grow anything, they were put there because they have a proven track record of keeping a company on life support long enough for their owners to get a good return on their investment.

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They are coming to term on the 3-5 year typical VC investment and readying the books for a flip, simple as that.

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