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Macy's is a shell of what it once was

It's a damn shame that a company that I took so much pride in working for has become what it is today. I could rail on how poorly mismanaged stores are, but what's the point. The company will continue to fail and close stores and layoff hardworking quality people. Get out while you can. The grass is truly greener on the other side of the fence.

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You hit the nail on the head with your Wal-Mart comment! I think there's other factors contributing to the decline as well:

1)De-professionalization of the sales staff. Was it in 2006 that Macy's made all incoming sales associates minimum wage positions? Also, there were changes in the number of commission positions and changes in the structure. I have a friend whose father returned from WWII and made a well-paid career as a vacuum sales person for Sears. Can't do that today!

2)Online ordering. No one has to buy full price out of a manufactured sense of urgency; just wait for it to go on sale and order it online if your size is gone. In Women's fashion, the only things that sell like they used to are clothes for funerals, winter vacations and job interviews.

3)Media glorification of "never pay full price for anything" as a consumption style. Coupon, anyone?

4)Wall Street, Macy's stock prices and emphasis on earning indicators. Of course this ties in to your earlier comment on introducing efficiencies.

I bet there's more that people can add.

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No sh– Sherlock, Macy’s has been dead for years. Why don’t you go post a revelation to the toysrus forum too?

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I've worked for M off and on since the mid 1990's. I've only known a few hardworking quality people.

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There used to be 1,500 stores without 15 miles of the average mall in 2000. Now there are over 5,000. 90% of Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart. Where department stores once enjoyed a 35% operating margin, Walmart now hovers around 2.5%. If you want to blame what happened to mall department stores, blame Sam Walton, who did more than any other American to increase store efficiencies, to open up Asian manufacturing (with his best buddies governor Bill and Hillary Clinton, who even end up sitting on his board). They even tried to create a China free trade zone in Arkansas on some land called Whitewater, some people may have heard about it since all the people involved seem to have mysteriously ended up dead.

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