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Since Frank behlmer left sounds like everything's gone downhill. Should have used his model, it worked exceptionally well. He was thankful to have a retain good talent. Good luck, glad I was let go! Life is so much better!

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No one person “made” BNYM. The greatest self-inflicted injury the company made was having Tom Renyi as CEO. Amongst his accomplishments was the money laundering scandal that he should have lost his job over, yet NYS decided to let the buffoon stay. Then he orchestrated the colossal mistake of overpaying for a broken down company in Pittsburgh and installing Bob Kelly as CEO heir. That guy was only interested in elevating himself, the inept board of BNYM agreed to take him back even after they caught him red handed interviewing for the CEO spot at Bank of America. They should have kicked him to the curb. Then on top of that, they installed Hassell who let his entourage “brown noses” run the business into the ground. How a top 10 bank became a non-bank over the last 20 years while their competitors were much more nimble and leap-frogged ahead in a nutshell. But don’t worry, those executives made out like bandits robbing the shareholders blind. If you look hard enough you can find the newspaper articles that showed executives of the company were overpaid versus the value they produced for shareholders.

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Meh - I really don't think that one person makes a difference anymore. Bny mellon has a systemic lack of leadership in all departments. There is no true evaluation of performance, no clear goals. No interest whatsoever in career development, or further training/education. The only thing that people at bny mellon have to offer is the perception of ideas, which oftentimes is so far removed from the reality of things.

Cant really say it was better when this person or that person was here. It just wasnt. Its been bad all the way back before the days of Gerald Hassell. All the way back to the merger.

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