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Intel very quietly settles racial discrimination lawsuit

Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Joint MOTION to Dismiss With Prejudice by Hoseong Ryu. (Harrington, John) (mme)

Intel settled to avoid publicity... they were obviously guilty and even their own lawyers knew it.

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You have to pay for a copy now, but basically it is the racist corruption and nepotism from a particular race that everyone at Intel is familiar with.

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How can I read the complaint file?

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When I started with Intel in 1991 there were a few engineers from India on campus in Oregon. By the time I finally left in 2014, the large majority were/are from India. I primarily blamed that circumstance on the increasing failure of Americans to pursue/gain engineering degrees, a lack of initiative, but I can also imagine a tide of bias unconsciously (or otherwise) being introduced. All that said, I generally greatly enjoyed my relationships and interactions with the Indian engineers I worked with. Many of them were my best friends at the company. But it is/was sad to see our tech jobs being so outsourced to non-US citizens.

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If you forgot this case, here are more details

A Korean immigrant is suing chip-maker Intel Corp. for allegedly allowing its imported Indian managers to illegally favor the hiring and promotion of Indian job seekers.

Hoseong Ryu is a Korean who became a U.S. citizen in 2009, and “throughout the course of his employment, Ryu has worked in an environment with management that favors employees who are from India or are of Indian or South-Asian descent and disfavors employees who do not fall into that category,” says the California lawsuit, filed by the Alexander Krakow firm.

“Intel’s actions against Ryu occurred under circumstances that give rise to a reasonable inference of discrimination” based on racial and national origin, the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit comes as a growing number of Americans and legal immigrants argue that Indian managers and recruiters are excluding young and experienced Americans from jobs in the nation’s software industries.

The evidence of routine discrimination is piling up amid multiple lawsuits, testimony from sidelined Americans, and statements from Indians.

“I have had 4 on-site interviews since being laid off and interviews with 18 people during those interviews,” a U.S. graduate told Breitbart News September 30. “A full 13 of them appeared to have been born in India and only one seemed to be likely U.S. born. That may have been partially bad luck … Still, it seems to point out a risk of one nationality getting too high a representation in the hiring process,” he added.

These concerns were spiked during the charged debate this month over Sen. Mike Lee’s pending S.386 bill, which would fast-track at least 300,000 Indian visa-workers towards green cards and permanent U.S technology jobs — including management and recruiting jobs.

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