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Larry Ellison’s 10-Point Plan for Oracle to Beat Amazon, Microsoft, Google

Source Link below (cloudwars):

  1. Autonomous Database.
  2. Ellison has made the former star of the show—Autonomous Database—now an appendage of OCI, which is the new center of the Oracle universe
  3. [email protected]
  4. OCI is now at the heart of everything Oracle does in the cloud.
  5. Ellison is aggressively leveraging Oracle’s unique role in offering both SaaS apps and IaaS.
  6. IDC releases a tremendous endorsement of Oracle’s new cloud capabilities.
  7. Does Oracle IaaS live up to the “faster and more secure” billing Ellison always gives it? Well, Zoom sure thinks so.
  8. To support all this growth, Oracle says it will surpass Amazon in number of data centers.
  9. “Half the world’s car companies” have picked OCI for a top-priority high-performance computing workload
  10. Ellison is doing what he does best: playing the long game.


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Using political relationships to purchase Tiktok in the hope to save the losing cloud business. What a loser. There is no way Oracle can beat Amazon.

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Sad reality, customers left and right are looking for Oracle experts in EBS, Siebel, JD Edwards, and WebLogic to lift and shift and move off of Oracle to Azure and AWS, even Google in a few cases.
And they are not interested in paying for Oracle Support, they want some expert to come in and deal with the software stack mishmash nightmare, patching and keeping the DB alive, while the shift occurs. You can get $250K/yr gig doing this c-ap.

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Being behind in the cloud might be okay if you come up with the NEXT BIG THING!

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Be real, everyone know Oracle lost in the cloud game and there is no way it can catch up, too late and still have no good plan. Let see how Long Oracle is will disappear.

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Larry's "long game" is of necessity getting shorter. SIC TRANSIT and all that...

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Cloud wars is an advertising rag. You pay them to write garbage. It is same as Oracle’s paid articles in Forbes.

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1 - layoffs existing employees
2 - hire cheap and layoff the expensive
3 - lower the product quality to save more costs
4 - more marketing on OCI, less development. Marketing is cheaper.
5 - acquire more companies
6 - layoff the duplicate roles .. finance and marketing.
7 - layoff the QA
8 - layoff development and turn the switch off on the newly acquired company.
9 - layoff customer support. Should be able to squeeze and monetize a few more years on it.
10 - focus on acquiring smaller companies to repeat the process.

TikTok might satisfy a 5-10 years plan. But will need to find new companies so we do not see dips in the balance sheet.

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Basically, TikTok has created a subsidiary to direct TikTok’s storage needs to Oracle. It’s sorta like the Zoom deal but they are touting it as the next coming of Amazon AWS.

If you engineer a deal, will they come?

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Oracle has great products - but their products are not top products. Company needs to find its core product like their enterprise solutions and focus on making that great instead of touting other 2nd tier products. Ex. Why would they be interested in TikTok? They are a little late in the Social Networking game. Might as well stream movies while they're at it. Oracle is still a great company but is in danger of moving away from what they are good at.

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This as accurate as it gets "cloud at customer is still a joke"

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Yawn. Is that you marketing? Sounds like that marketing dork Steve DaNoob running his mouth again

  • Ellison has been claiming that he would beat Amazon and MS for what, 4 or 5 years now? He tried cheaper storage. He tried cheaper, faster compute. He tried bare metal. Nothing has worked.
  • cloudwars is the same id–tic rag that printed Safra’s mo–nic take last week. We must have thrown a bunch of advertising cash in their direction
  • as far as “secure” and OCI at the core of everything... next time you talk to an oracle rep ask how many different IDM systems it takes to glue the security together for OCI, PAAS, and SAAS. (hint, the answer is “at least 3”). Then, for extra laffs, tell oracle you want to sync it all with what you have on-prem or in-house
  • cloud at customer is still a joke. Never ran all cloud prods, never will

I could go on, but I won’t, my guess is that this is the final hurrah before parting the company out and selling it off once and for all.

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