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Stocks are down

Here comes the next wave of large amount of cuts. This time lance go get the execs, superintendents, and lower management. That's were you cut costs to drive your stocks up. plus they are not value added.

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All those positions have been getting hit hard since October 2018. When PSR started the UP had approximately 44,000 total employment now the total is just under 33,000.

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If you have paid attention you would know that managers were the first to be cut and continue to go. How you cut cost and drive stock pricing is to cut anyone who’s work can be done by the remaining employees. Employees (managers and workers) are the largest liability for any company. This is where the largest expense is and the largest risk (injuries, etc). As to managers not necessary, this might be true in some instances, but not all. Everyone has a part to play making things run. One day everything will be automated, computerized, and ran by robots or remotely. UP may one day contract out all maintenance and repairs and gave no need for the managers or employees. There will always be managers when there are workers employees. You should wish for no managers to be let go as this would ensure a healthy workforce. The less the workforce, the less the need for managers. No company is going to run with no supervision and it’s dumb to think this is something UP would do.

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