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Apple M1 Silicon Tested

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The disruption of the Intel's core business is happening before our eyes. AMD is and will continue to eat into Intel's market share in the near term. ARM based threat just got a huge boost from the M1 demonstration and will pull measurable market share in the medium to longer term. There will be more 'me too' examples on the client side. And then you have a wave of ARM based solutions for the server/cloud market. Not to mention Nvidia.....

Now if Intel actually had real leaders running the company, countering this disruption would be challenging and still a low probability outcome. Given its current leadership (including its useless BODs), there is zero chance. A sad outcome for once the greatest semiconductor company in the industry.

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Apple is only the first to make a clean break from Big Blue. Google, Facebook, Amazon already have ASIC teams for TPUs and server processors. They have already been planning for a new reality where the best CPUs are not sourced from Intel.

The problem for Intel is that they haven't planned for that reality. I remember in a town hall an employee had the balls to ask BK or some other useless exec a question about what is Intel's response to these companies working on their own chips. That exec only said that Intel was aware of these plans but in the meantime will just concentrate on serving their customer well (paraphrasing). That tells you all you need to know about the strategic mind of Intel execs. Hamster brains. Get on wheel. Run. Drink. Eat. Sleep. Tick tock tick tick tick tick tick tick ....

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It's certainly interesting that Apple has managed to design a CPU which is competitive with Intel's (and AMD's) best but I'm not sure what it means for greater market. To some extent we saw this 25 years ago with PowerPC (which had ambitions to take over x86 PCs and was better positioned available from neutral supplier, unlike M1) which went nowhere

Now if this drives the likes of MS, Google, Dell, HP to start designing CPUs it would get interesting, but I don't think that will happen. I think I heard Google was looking at this for Chromebooks.

But I do not know which company is really poised to step up and turn something like this into something which can be sold to many different customers..NVidia? AMD?

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