Thread regarding NVIDIA Corp. layoffs

Has Nvidia changed for the better?

When I worked at Nvidia layoffs were a pretty regular occurrence. Every change in business strategy - and there were quite a few of those - resulted in more cuts. I survived quite a few until it was my turn. That was nearly a decade ago and now I have a chance to return. From what I've been hearing, things are much better now but it would be nice to hear from somebody who's not trying to sell me on the job.

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I would not trust Nvidia. The layoffs is part of their day-to-day practice (and I say this because worked in Nvidia before and about 6 people from my 8 members team were fired during about 2 years, so it is normal there to refresh team like hire, layoff, hire, layoff, both keeping only manager of the team).
If they offer you high compensation, then you can think of working there one or few years till something happens. Note that only base part of compensation paid, but don't trust to additional things (like stocks or something).
If the compensation average, then better to find other company. Also I don't know if it is similar in all countries, but at least if you are not in California, then likely my advice actual.

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