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Intel loses IPC lead

The marketeers USED to be able to say,

"Oh hey it doesn't matter if AMD has more cores, LOOK AT OUR IPC! We are still faster per core!"

Can't do that anymore! Can't say that to consumers anymore (e.g. gamers... who cares about IPCs besides for games? Who even buys "fast chips" for anything but games nowadays)

So. Losing on the multicore enterprise workload front, now losing on single-thread consumer front too.

Murthy called backporting architecture to 14nm a bad and crazy idea. He vetoed it. By the time management FINALLY got its head out of its collective @$$ and backports, it's TOO LATE and Intel has to wait for Rocket Lake.

MR and a bunch of goons being forced out isn't enough. Former COB being out isn't enough. Most of the board STILL needs to go for their gross negligence and incompetence- First by selecting and allowing BK to do his thing, and then MR

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Why BK hired MR in the first place was beyond me. MR was a failure (and subsequently demolished) at Q, not surprisingly he screwed up the 5G and other businesses. It would take at least several years for Intel to recover, if ever happens.

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everyone left at intel is a mo–n, even if intel had process parity the design teams would not be able to c-ap out a semi-competitive design

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