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Spending on the future says it all

EUV is the pattering process both of choice and necessity, as those at Intel know how well SAQP worked.

You need to make the investments years ahead to put in place the know how and infrastructure to lead. 20 years ago Intel lead the world in RD, not anymore, be afraid of you work in silicon RD or manufacturing!

“ Intel “crushed” by TSMC in EUV spend- a very bad leading indicator
In the quarter Taiwan (primarily TSMC) was 47% of ASML’s business while the US (primarily Intel) was a paltry 5%. This means that TSMC is spending more or less ten times what Intel is spending on EUV.

In case there was any question as to who is winning Moore’s law by a tidal wave of investments. Intel investors should be scared…very scared. Intel is clearly voting with their feet and matching their words about outsourcing their future to TSMC, who is running away in the Moore’s law race. ”

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Echo that! EUV is expensive and only the first who gets the volume production can drive down the cost and enjoy the margin. Good luck my former employer!

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I'm an ex-BB that works for ASML EUV now, and know first hand where my former employer stands with respect to EUV, and where tsmc (always in small letters, Chinese insist on this) and Samsung are. Do I have to tell how many shares of each company I keep? Good luck!

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Seriously Bob, I know you are a finance guy running a tech companyy, there is this company called AMD that used TSMC for CPUs and they are eating your lunch and will soon take your dinner and thanksgiving feast too, LOL

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Not sure why you are comparing Intel with TSMC, they are not targeting the same customer base. They should but they are not.

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