Thread regarding Boeing Co. layoffs

All 787 grounded due to shim issues.

wait and see.

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It’s not that big of a deal guuuuuuys! Just a few shims and gaps a couple thou out of limits.

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Boeing Executives wants the new 787 Freighter built in South Carolina.

MBAs will continue to run Boeing into the ground.

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sounds like the 787 was built by Chrysler, maybe there will be a recall and a half axx fix....just like the MAX and the POS-46 Tanker...wherever Boeing planes are built, Washington or SC they are just junk.

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South Carolina always built like sh–. Half of Everett 's business was fixing their garbage. Eventually one will fall from the sky because they don't know how to rework... but hey they saved a few bucks and managed Renton to look just as bad.
I do agree they should leave WA, they are a disgrace to the legacy that was Boeing, Good luck McDonnell Douglas.
Also SC, don't forget you still owe on your program and haven't sold the 1600 needed to break even. Demand is crashing and you have no protections to getting outsourced yourself. Can you say irony? Boeing moving out of state? More like they can't build a good airplane so they chase profits. Not to mention they have more debt then assets... no money or program in sight to keep SC building anyway.
I love aerospace and there are plenty of better aerospace places in Seattle. SpaceX is expanding and if Boeing moves the f— out we can help Airbus take the wide body market by storm, along with the freighter line up, developing actually good aircraft. Boeing please get the f— out now. Were going to tax you into the ground while you k–l yourself. This sh– began in Seattle and it will end here..

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The FAA doesn’t have what it takes to ground Boeing Aircraft
The entire world grounded the Max
The FAA was ordered to ground the Max, what a pathetic joke

But this takes nothing away from the OP as a ÐULLARÐ

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Hey Sh– head, this would be a breaking news if we’re to be true. Go play with yourself

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