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Hynix buys our flash...

SK Hynix in $9 bn deal for Intel's flash memory chip business

In a regulatory filing, SK Hynix said it will acquire Intel's "entire NAND

business division excluding the Optane division" for 10.3 trillion won,
with Intel's factory in ...


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Altera should be the one listed for sale. No wonder why no one ready to buy Altera in comparison with Xilinx. Don’t know why Intel bought it in first place. Intel employees in Altera are forced to move out by their Altera managers and managers are still in Altera mentality they provide opportunity only to Altera employees who are old schoolers. Horrible culture no diversity or inclusion. They all enjoy Intel money and benefits but not ready to follow any Intel policies. Typical asian budget mindset company. I was forced by an Altera manager to resign my job recently.

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It seems that this may not be a bad situation for the NAND employees. My opinion but SK Hynix is a memory company. That’s what they do. I believe (maybe I am biased) but intel’s employees are higher quality than old Hynix simply because intel could attract better talent due to various reasons, diversity of business, name etc.

Hynix had to get some money infusion from SK telecom which is a well run company and also can attract good talent. I believe Intel’s NAND will give them a strong employee base. It seems that intel nand employee will move to SK Hynix and Rob will be the lead of the business group. So all and all, it looks good. Sk hynix is a memory company. I am sure NAND talent will be more appreciated.

The deal doesn’t include optane. I have opinions on why.

Timeline is long like other memory deals. The first close is 1 year away.the next fab close is 2025. The timeline gives plenty of flexibility to intel employees.

So congrats, NSG colleagues. I thought it is positive especially given the fact that at intel we have constant layoffs vs. you all have stable time for at least 1 year or more...optane excluded.

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Tragic loss, the only modernized fab in the network. Hynix got a steal.

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Time for Beancounter Bob to flex his eBay creds. The firesale has begun?

NSG listed at $0.01, No Reserve, Sold to SK Hynix for $9B.
PSG (AKA Altera) purchased at $16.7B in late 2015 by Burger King, now listed $0.01, No Reserve. Any takers?
Nervana purchased at $408M in 2016 by Burger King. Completely written off.
McAfee purchased prior to Burger King in 2010, but he tries to rebrand it as "Intel Security." John McAfee replies after banging yet another underaged Belizean boo: "I am now everlastingly grateful to Intel for freeing me from this terrible association with the worst software on the planet. These are not my words, but the words of millions of irate users."

Beancounter Bob doubles down on the AI play to purchase Habana for $2B in late 2019. Surely the Israelis can save Intel again right? Intel Core Arch, Mobileye, and Habana. The triumvirate of the chosen ones.

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