Thread regarding Intel Corp. layoffs

The Continuous morale erosion while billions in Profit

What I observed at Intel in the past 24 years (Joined 1996).

  • Every year we used to have a Xmas Party . was taken away.
  • Stock options taken away. Could have been worth some money in stock climb from 10 to 50s.
  • SERP Retirement contributions reduced.
  • ESPP percentage reduced.
  • Pension plan eliminated for new employees.
  • Retirement medical contributions eliminated.
  • Trash pickup from cubes stopped from daily to twice weekly.
  • Trash pickup reduced to once weekly.
  • Trash bins removed from cubes altogether. Now we have to drop it at a central location.
  • Printing costs allocated to employee cost center!

All these while the CEOs claimed that they have garnered record profit running into billions.
Oh by the way , we got free coffee and fruits as a goodwill measure.

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Nobody wants to be the CEO of this company. What a mess.

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Intel still has great assets in terms of people, patents, portfolio and capital. Somehow bean counters - starting with Andy Bryant - have done great harm. A very complacent BOD does not help either.

The biggest challenge Intel has ,is not node perfection or revolutionary architecture. But troop morale and pragmatic technical visionaries. The current BOD or C -suite seems ill fit for this.

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the ship is sinking indeed!! Kodak, Compaq, GM, Pan AM. and now Intel Corp , currently an also ran with cash flow to pay the troops for another 20 or 30 years. But unlike the Captain of the ship, the leaders here will cash in well ahead of time – many of them already have. what remains is loyal, hard workers stuck in an endless battle each year to justify their existence. take an extra banana every day, its well deserved and dont feel shameful for that.

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Intel is now the general motors of the chip making world. Logic isn't growing much anymore and they can't seem to get any traction with any other product. It only goes downhill from here. 20 years from now Hillsboro will be the next Flint, Michigan. Hopefully the water doesn't get contaminated.

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Intel US employees definitely need a union and they need one fast - especially in Right to Work states like AZ. A Union can work - there are many strong unions in industries that run on miniscule profit margins e.g. UPS... Just do not let Intel get wind of any unionization efforts because they will be stomped out immediately (even though this would be illegal)... Good luck.

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Hear you loud a clear, bro! With a 0% to 0.5% salary increase as engineer. and while multiple VP’s get promoted, and unable to jump ship to a FANG company.. which by the way, will be indicted for monopoly and broken up by the justice department, it’s quite sad the company has deteriorated to such! I can remember the big christmas parties where spouses all dress up in dresses! And the bygone era of GPTW, selling off memory division, it sure feels like a GE or an HP waiting to hapen, while profitable companies like Apple eating our lunch. Of course evil companies like Apple used Intel to defeat McAfee and stole whatever Intel has after the deal. We need leaders that are smart, can cut the expensive fab equipment rather than benefits and pay for the workers! We need a union for sure!

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