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Are Reorgs, layoffs, rockstar hires, or buy and selling the way to salvation .

Intel tried layoffs and the results were dismal!

Intel tried rockstar hiring and the results were dismal!

They tried buying and selling business and that has been dismal!

They have done reorg after reorg and again the results have been dismal.

Why is repeating the same tactics thought will bring a different result ?

Is it all FUBAR and one should just kiss them off?

Or is all hope lost and Intel is the next Kodak / ATT / GE / tech failure

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Bob a bean counter says all you need to know as those in the know know the quality and capability and integrity of the EVP and SVP and VPs and fellows.

There are a few honorable o es but most sold their soul, integrity, and honor to get to the top.

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Fire Bob Swan and hire back as CEO. Screw rockstars. We need more blackstars.

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There are some deep root, drain the SWAP.

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I agree, who were the rock star hires?

One of the key issues is that intel has hired rejects, failures and people without necessary skills and backgrounds; and given them responsibilities beyond their capability. This is true for internal promotions too. For internal promos, it is more about loyalties, friends and family than finding the right talent.

Everything starts with the leaders. At intel, we have weak leaders across the board. Look at some of the people for example look at who is responsible for the most critical Xeon business. A person who was a TA until a few years ago and did mostly Marcom type stuff.

Examples are endless. They just hired an svp to run Chief strategy office and intel capital. I know people don’t like it but checking the diversity box was high in the priority list for that hiring decision. Even if you think this person has a strategy background, he doesn’t have strong expertise in Corporate VC. Besides, intel has a good name, gives a generous executive package. Why can’t we have the best? Why do we settle with an ok.

It is pointless to write about this. We all know it. When you have weak leaders, they cause other problems. They promote/lay-off wrong people, they make bad investments (M&A etc). Weak leaders surround themselves with sycophants, yes men to feel good, increasing politics. They value dog and pony shows because they are less threatening to their capability.

So there are not many problems as you list. We have weak leadership issue. It is wide spread, across the board.

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Layoffs would be the salvation, if they happened to the right people. However, there’s very little chance of that. The system rewards petty empire-builders and cliques, when it’s precisely those toxic elements that are Kodak-izing the company.

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You described exactly the issues, my friend!!!
GC culture has been destroying Intel once was rockstar.
Look at the 5G and 7nm projects and its VPs, GMs leading them you can say it all.

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It's a culture issue that dominates at every level. Managers are scared of upseting higher managers, they always play it safe, never take risks and so on.

Adding to this, is the H1B situation where people won't risk their GC process, so again, play it safe. Finally you end up having a very lazy and mediocre bootlicking hierarchy with no real plan.

It's just politics at the end. Good people get demoralized, usually they leave. We are stuck with people waiting for their GC, toxic managers and rockstar non technical directives earning 1M a year.

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