Thread regarding Intel Corp. layoffs

Downsizing is a certainty for TMG

When you stumble you need resources, scale, and resolve to recover.

In Intels hey day they made a lot of mistakes but because of huge scale in market with little alternatives they used their near monopoly and predatory behavior and huge money and scale to get leadership back. Remember they were late to RISC, late to multi core, late to copper, they really didn’t innovate as they didn’t have to. Others innovated and if it was good they copied it later and they used their scale and profits to claw back.

DEC Alpha appeared superior but didn’t have scale and revenue wasn’t enough to fund silicon RD to keep and they sold it all to Intel.

POWER alliance looked dangerous early on too but even with alliance they could match intel spending on silicon and fell behind that even Apple had to give up and adopt x86

ARM was nothing either till the rise of a billions volume from smartphones. A billion Chips a year leads to lots of money.

It all could have been Intels but PSO passed and LTD failed to provide a real foundry capability.

So Apple went to TSMC and the rest is history. That decision by PSO to turn down Apple made TSMC what it is today. They now have more money and volume to fund silicon. Now TSMC with AMD, Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Google, Amazon, Facebook, all feed the TSMC virtuous silicon and Foundry cycle. No way intel can compete or recover no way. Intel goes like IBM they are finished.

Bean counter Bob can count how much easier it is to go to TSMC versus fight and try to catch up with the Hillbillies in Hillsboro who ruined it all and continue to flail themselves with poor management and fall further and further behind.

No this time is different a total FUBAR, TMG will be downsized and bit by bit all silicon will go where everyone else goes and as more goes the less reason to waste money on silicon RD and manufacturing, days are really numbered

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They should put up a statue of PSO inside TSMC and offer incense

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Bean Counter Bob will only do whatever is necessary to pump up the stock price to inflate his golden parachute before bailing out within a couple years.

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I think TMG has become uncompetitive versus Samsung and TSMC; therefore TMG and especially the Fabs will become very large financial liabilities and be dramatically downsized with Fab closures and massive layoffs. I understand this is hard to believe for many Intel employees that simply do not pay attention to Intel's competitive position but this is the reality. Everyone should be getting ready, i.e. saving money, networking, updating resumes, informing family members of the situation, and get prepared for big changes. It is too bad, and historians business professors can talk about Intel's downfall for decades, but right now Intel employees need to be prepared and ready. Good luck.

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