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Which is harder to bear - work or their ridiculous blah blahs?

At intel the actual work is not hard. dealing with dumb-a– managers is the hard part. It is exhausting to educate them, create slides for them, write speaker notes / email summaries so that they can take your work and communicate to their superiors - HARD. Listening to them giving you lectures about how we all need to add value - VERY HARD. You go to the insights meeting to hear some input from dumb – ses. All you get is whether you can write all those feedback sections and send to them. What about your feedback. Oh, you get it when they will update your write up. The company is beyond repair.

This made me laugh a lot, maybe just because this is absolutely true. I’d rather do a lot more work every day than just listen to them for 5 minutes pretending to be smart.

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This thread is exactly why there is struggle execution. EVERYBODY is just concerned with THEIR name to appear on a slide. FOCUS on the FINAL win and hope managers in your teams can get better at giving credit. I haven't had so much struggle with the managers so far.
Providing status report and level up to speak to management is a skill that is required everywhere in the industry.

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In hindsight I realized I took it all too seriously; especially my last stint. If I had that year to do over again I would have cruised through it with a lot less effort and sweat, especially when managers asked me to do stuff that made no sense. Being an over achiever, it is easier said than done, but in hindsight I definitely would have found a way. ;)

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I spend way too much time corralling indicator and status details for my manager who presents those to management without mentioning my name.

Stingy Bobbie continues to be a piece of work.

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Don't you realize, this is what the educational system in the US taught you to do?
And the high up into the system you get, the more plagiarism there is.
Grad students provide the data and research for the Professors who get the Federal Grant moneys for their pocketbooks and the schools. Same situation in industry, the higher ups have the information feed to them, and they ignore it, and then demand you summarize it and product the white paper, the power point presentation, etc. And then they can have pre-meetings to decide who will be in the main meeting when they can tear apart the formatting of the information, you used the wrong color and the wrong font and sentence two should be before sentence one. No additional information, no thought, just bull. and in the end no one uses it anyway.

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