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The M1 is here and TMG and Intel finished

The M1 has arrived and cleans x86 and intel. It is on TSMC 5nm and in two years it’s soon will be in 3nm.

At the same time AMD and Nvidia will be pushing out huge designs on 5nm while intel will be struggling with more delays on 7nm.

Even the BS bean counter sees this and we have a bunch of intel going to TSMcand the hillbillies in Hillsboro continue to bumble and delay.

He is so desperate he is begging for government handouts even as he has a record profit.

Intel can’t afford nor tolerate TMG nor its bloated and slow business.

TMG will be cut as well Hillsboro RD.
Design teams will need to match AMD, Nvidia and Apple in efficiencies, which means big changes too.

Intel is a walking Turkey about to get feasted on like never before, epic FUBAR

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I'm not sure the M1 is all that much. It is limited to 16 GB of RAM. Every comparison is against a lame Intel processor with less than 16 GB. Apple has a habit of not using the best Intel processors. I bought my wife a new (Intel) MacBook Air and it runs like a slug. I believe Apple lowered the bar to make their M1 look good.

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Looking even further out, our future robot overlords will require fast, low power CPU's, and they may well display Apple Inside stickers on their shiny foreheads.

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