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The worst place to work

The very worst place to work; under backstabbing, narcissistic, despotic managers who are supported wholeheartedly by craven HR Business Partners. I would not recommend this place to any but the most supplicant masochists who return home at night only to rub salt into their wounds.

I couldn't agree more with you if I tried, @6Svrf+11Tejw2f. I have made it my goal in life to talk people out of working here because I am yet to meet somebody who joined and didn't regret it within a month (outside the usual sycophant but I don't give a damn about them.) So let me reiterate here - stay away! This place will ruin both your physical and mental health. There are plenty of better options out there.

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I’m almost a year in and I’m seeing my manager at AWS change. It seems roping you into joining is a measured goal for managers. As of right now, my manager is hiring people of her own race and, like usual, the better projects are being assigned to them while I have to constantly write 6 page narratives because the others cannot. The classic LP weaponizing and deflection methods are being applied as managers hide behind them to hide their insecurities. I’m actually talking people out of AWS because I know they need real managers to manage them without the BS from weak leaders

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