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Stop Convincing Yourself This Is Okay

Listen. I'll sum this up in short statements. This company doesn't care about u. Doesn't want to see u succeed bc then ur a threat. Doesn't want new ideas or creativity. They want to shove sh– down ur throat daily & for u to shut up & take it. They pay more to keep u trapped in the mindset u can't forfeit that paycheck, but in the meantime are abusing the h*ll out of anyone below regional director & then laugh about it behind doors. Do urself a favor & realize u are a person and have worth. Not a puppet for a company that is about to get steamrolled by Amazon & get out while u can.

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Some need enlightenment to understand that they actually live in Hell... the rich/politicians/preachers use their God (money) to influence ALL that is around you... so, continue on with a life of servility and disappointment... the rich love it (their heads being in the clouds - Heaven) based on their displayed behaviors and a disdain for proletariats, and see no reason to change ANY of it

The current "system" is NOT working... AND IT'S LIKE THIS MOST EVERYWHERE... stuck in Hell...

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