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"Activist investors urge Adtalem to pull plug on Walden U purchase"

"Two investment firms, Engine Capital and Hawk Ridge Partners, wrote in an open letter dated Thursday that they were "severely disappointed" with the board's decision to purchase Walden, calling the college a 'substantially inferior asset.'"

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Regarding the linked in post shared - I along with many others had the same thoughts.

Dolly Parton who is 75 and who contributed 1 million dollars to vaccine development hasn’t gotten vaccinated bc she doesn’t want to use her privilege to jump the line.

This was a very tone deaf message clearly demonstrating the accuracy in the letter published around spending resources and energy boosting the “adtalem/Lisa” brand vs the schools in which they are responsible for operating.

This ridiculous PR play has backfired based on colleague and outsider commentary.

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"Today I along with my colleague Stephen W. Beard - COO of Adtalem - joined Black leaders around the country to set a positive example by getting the first dose of the #COVID19 vaccine at Chamberlain University’s Chicago campus." Lisa Wardell


Over 65, underlying health conditions, essential worker?

Given the severe vaccine shortage and distribution challenges in the Chicago area, shouldn't these doses have gone to someone in the under served communities of the south or west side in Group 1B, rather than a highly paid, very healthy corporate executive with access to the best healthcare resources who is working remotely from a multi-million dollar mansion...with a koi pond?

Unfortunate that the extremely dedicated and highly capable educators at Chamberlain College of Nursing were forced to participate in this injustice.

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I saw this as well. Curious to as why Adtalem would want to purchase an asset that could be toxic with a pending DOJ investigation. I don’t see how the merger ends well. Plus I think they are overpaying for Walden and taking on too much debt. The growth programs at Walden are competitive with Chamberlain’s own nursing programs. So with the merger they become #1 in enrollment? It’s hard to grow from there. UofP was #1 for so long and just couldn’t maintain. Adtalem will essentially become a reincarnation of UofP. So I’ve read the letters and having worked at Adtalem I kind of agree with much of their concerns. Chamberlain’s culture the last two/three years with the departure of their original national President has morphed into (Adtalem/Devry). Susan kept the Chamberlain culture separate and isolated but once she left the decision making with a 15 person plus admin council with little nursing education experience has been questionable. Administrative layers have been added and there isn’t any top down/bottom up reciprocal culture. Also with large amounts of mid level, VPs, Managers, and Director turnover the last two years it has left a leadership void.

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