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I'm happy about my bonus

I really don't understand people. It's like Best Buy can't win with some of you, no matter what they do. I'm getting an extra $500 I didn't count on. That's a good thing in my book! Yes, there'll be layoffs. But there's always layoffs and not just here, every company is cutting people! So why can't you just be happy for once when some good news comes your way?

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Because the best people at my NOW old store are the ones that got let go. Yes, including myself. I know what I did for my department and my store. And not gonna devalue myself because of this. I looked at all who got let go from my store... a few newbies and a few 5+ year veterans. Nothing in between. And it was sad. So no. No one should be happy about this. Regardless of a bonus or not. I wasn't a furloughed. I worked through the whole damn thing. And I got cut after busting my a– through a rough holiday season.

That $500. Remember who you lost because of it.

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Good attitude and you're 100% correct.

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