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I would like to return only for one day...

It was very difficult for me to find a new job after the layoff, but I still managed. I started broadening my skillset in advance because the collapse of this company was hinted already a few years ago. Unfortunately, everything led to that. I am interested in how the company operates now without more than 12,000 employees, what does one working day of those who remain look like?

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From the outside looikng in now I ask myslef why did I stay?

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It looks like...hum...
Imagine you're at a Nascar event and the pilot of your team is a flake and knows he will leave before the end of the season.
Your team is about to get purchased by guys who don't care about racing and don't even like your team.
Your mechanics have been fired, but there's a few left. Unfortunately they ain't got the tools to maintain the car...and they are tired to get pay the minimum wage when they work night and day to get the best of the car.
In the meantime the lame driver is paid a fortune but never ever drove the car once.
The driver has friends he brought onboard...they talk and talk and talk some more. So much talking that they can't do anything.
One thing they all do well is telling lies to the mechanics.
On the other side, there is a red team that seems as engaged as their stock is high.
And an orange team that was nobody and seems to become someone stronger.
And there's the greens that seems in control.
At the end of the race, your team has list again. Then the pilot and his friends told you that you'd be furloughed and you'd have no bonus.
They left to their 5 star hotel and shared an extraordinary incentive of $12 millions because they all put their gloves back in the drawer.
That's pretty much how it is.
Don't look back.

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