Thread regarding Altice USA (Cablevision) layoffs

Altice reaches 72 million settlement with New York

Altice always says our "competition" or " compared to our peers" when using financial numbers especially with pay rates, but will not say how they are the only ones who cannot support their cable systems/customers.

It takes time but local and federal governments do something eventually, and really need to focus on forcing Altice to sell some or all of the company.

Altice is getting sued in many counties for the lack of service and needs to hire people back and stop counting contractors in employees counts so investors can see the real local support.

Altice needs to tell the truth to all stakeholders especially the SEC for misleading investors into thinking they are investing in a positive revenue/growth company. When in reality they have closed all offices, laid off many experienced techs, and have allowed office politics to corrupt the company from within.

Social responsibility still counts, act ethically Altice, just be honest.

Just saying.

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The only ones punished here are the customers.

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This doesnt seem like a very bad punishemnt. Invest 68 mill into their own network which they can fudge the books on.. Only 3 mill in customer credits is a little low. If they would credit all 400k subs the article said were affected thats only 10$ a sub. They are indeed laughing all the way to the bank!!

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They're laughing all the way to the bank, straight robbery

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Dex, Hakeeeeeeem, and pruhgosh all get what they deserve here. Ruin two great companies for altice way bonuses. Well, how did that work out for them?

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That's what happens when u take so much...
And send it to france, and gift urself $57 mill
They took everything even the kitchen sink and sold all Cablevision assets vans, e v e r y t h I n g
Other isp providers are booming

Yup other cable providers provide good service and taking care of there work force
Pay increases ain't a fight
6% match retirement

This command thats in charge

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