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We need hazard pay for this

How hard is it for people to understand they can't just show up to get a vaccine? How hard is it to figure out that it's not on us to decide who gets it first - there are rules and protocols to be followed! I'm getting yelled at over the phone and in person constantly for things that are out of my control. People are so angry at us I'm honestly starting to fear for my safety. I can't wait for this whole thing to be over...

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Thank you! I'm not the OP, but it was nice reading this.

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My mother in-law was vaccinated today at a CVS. She has allergies and we were concerned, but the staff reassured us and watched her closely, and she was fine. The service was fast, everyone at the store was very nice, and it was very well run. Please know that for every complaining customer you encounter, there are so many more who are appreciative. Unfortunately, it seems that you are more likely to hear the complaints than compliments in these threads. So, I wanted to speak up and say thank you, you are appreciated, and you are making a difference for so many people. As a former CVS employee (corporate office) I know that you are not hearing that nearly enough, if at all, from your managers, DMs and senior management. Thank you and hang in there!

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