Thread regarding Windstream Corp. layoffs

Quit caring about the layoffs? Really?

I have heard this many times, but now I also see someone mentioned it on this forum as well.
OK, layoffs are so common here that many are used to all that stress waiting to be spared this time ... until next time.
However, I do not understand those who say that they have become totally indifferent to dismissals, because I could only be indifferent if I had an alternative. On the other hand, if I had an alternative, I certainly wouldn’t be here.

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I think the reality is this is reverse Robin Hood. Rob everyone and give to the rich. They’ve even been successful at bringing federal bankruptcy judges on board. And I thought the Donald was a scammer.

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The reality of windstream is that they are way too heavy with skin tag managers. That’s from top to bottom. No one in management really wants to do anything and it’s hard to blame them. They’ve become so lazy, they will keep a job where the top brass states publicly there will be no raises. Now that’s incentive!! This company is a joke, but it is not a prison. I’d rather b a car salesman than a manager at windstream.

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Leadership gets millions in motivational bonuses, rank and file being asked to take a pay cut.

If this doesn't clearly demonstrate the reality of Windstream, you need a Kool-aid intervention.

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Just speaking with a WS field tech in MI and says they’re about to take a big pay cut! I guess they’ll all be job hunting 2021!! Unless they organize and get into ibew...

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