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Joining Hertz was a mistake

I almost immediately knew that I made a wrong turn in my Career when I joined Hertz.
Some people stay and try to make it work against their better judgment.
I don’t know about how it was during the golden years at Hertz but the last 10 has been anything goes!

Trust me, there are many more of us who feel this way. I've only been here for two years and I know that if I had to do it over again, I'd run for my life. But I have no use of thinking like that. Right now this is a job that pays my rent and puts food on my table and I'll stay here for as long as I don't find a replacement. Not finding anything suitable is the only reason why I'm still here.

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It happens because they preach a culture of we’re the best in class. We have all these initiatives that are going to change the industry and it’s going to be great. And the competition is going to follow.

Then the lie happens because the staffing, IT, training, and fleet pieces can’t support anything they want to get done.

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Hertz, when I was recruited I was sold paradise how they wanted to change and the support they would give, 2 days into the job I knew I had been sold a lie. The deep rooted culture of distrust and dishonesty starts at the very top, including nepotism. Everyone has to pretend that they aspire to be one of the leaders. I’m not really sure what causes it but it’s absolutely a people issue, the company can’t be trusted and unfortunately that means employees don’t respect it.

It’s not a bad company but it’s absolutely a bad culture, rotting from the core. And respecting leaders who are under qualified for the jobs they are in is difficult. Stay if you have to stay but don’t expect change it’s not coming?

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They know they are in deep trouble, especially staffing wise. In fact the CEO and the EVP sent out a video to try and motivate and retain the current staff.

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