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What does future career look like

I am a “young” engineer, and constantly wondering what the future career growth looks like? No development programs, very little vertical or lateral movement, just getting more and more expensive, thus, more disposable as the time progresses.

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@3inz hits the nail on the head. Or as pioneer would say, hits the ship with the iceberg.

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Problem 1 - PXD is a one basin company that provides virtually no real industry experience, unless you plan to spend your career in the Permian Basin. unfortunately, the industry and the permian basin won't last that long.

Problem 2 - the upper levels of management are intrenched in their positions. They will never leave on their own because their "superiors" are even more clueless. Google a picture of the iceberg of ignorance, this may give you some insight into what you are seeing/feeling about lack of opportunities.

Problem 3 - PXD as a company continues to make mistakes and wall street is beginning to take notice. However this is their problem, not yours. Just look at the their work here

I have many years of experience and the only thing I learned from my bosses at pioneer was what not to do, but I still see this as a success that can help me in the future.

Keep your job, keep your head down, keep learning both as a person and technically on your own because not many can/will help you that are left. One day ,there will be better opportunities.

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Bleak to say the least I’ve been in the same spot for 7 years. I’ve had raises and have been well compensated in my opinion. However there is no where to go so I have to choose to stagnate my skills further or find a new opportunity to explore and expand my horizons.

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