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Sharon owes Web an apology. She undermined our concerns, mocked our questions, and flat-out insulted our intelligence with her non-answers.
And the cadre of sycophants who jumped in the chat to defend her (while keeping their name public, to cash in on the reward of their brown-nosing) owe us one as well. The gaslighting knows no bounds.

Comment If you're tired of being treated like garbage by these people.

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I'm so sorry for you guys who are still working there. Sharon is all about profits. It's what she's good at, I suppose, but at the expense of the employees. Yes. I understand that downsizing is sometimes necessary. But man! Not to the extent that the've done it at Web. I rode the downsizing waves for over two years. I finally was able to get out. There are better places to work for sure. Hang in there and keep looking elsewhere. Best of luck.

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She was so surprised that someone was ready to call her out on her BS that she had to take the next day off.

So many senior people are jumping ship, there is not going to be anyone left to do the integration and I feel sorry for Endurance customers that are going to be switched over to the dollar store of hosting

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Why is anyone still working there? Find something else. That company is never gonna be anything worth while ever again. It was taken over by an investment firm. They give 0 sh--s about their employees

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