Topics regarding layoffs at Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Group Inc.

Ukraine Dream Team

When I left Web early 2020, plans were underway to outsource a lot of the web design to a young company in Kyiv. I wonder about what is happening to those guys now. The Jax employees who went to consult over there had a lot of nice things to say... — read more 

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What did I miss?

I left this company a little over half a year ago. Since it was important for me to leave as soon as possible, I accepted the first job I was offered, so now I am in a company that is only slightly better than this one. What did I miss in half a year... — read more 


Sharon owes Web an apology. She undermined our concerns, mocked our questions, and flat-out insulted our intelligence with her non-answers. And the cadre of sycophants who jumped in the chat to defend her (while keeping their name public, to cash in... — read more 

Continuing to sink

Sad to see such a great company continue to go under. They are sending more jobs to India and Cebu. They let almost all of the helpdesk people go and now the guy that does the phones in Jacksonville is also gone. Very sad what’s next after the... — read more 

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The axe came down on Acquisio

Yesterday, 28 were layoffs. That's half the staff of Acquisio. The brand Acquisio won't exist anymore. One of their services, ATD, has been sold as well but the buyer won’t take the employees. Sad Day, Sad Year.

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We're sinking

Closing the clinic. EVERYONE saw it coming. Web is now run by id–ts and sycophants. You are not valued. Every little thing that made this company worthwhile has been slowly stripped away. But Web invests in its propaganda machine and the pixie... — read more 

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Webcentral acquisition

More$$ going overseas I guess Drums Pa to close

Due to profits, head counts, lack of organic growth, and strong management it is sad to announce that the Drums location will be closing. I am glad to see many employees have found new jobs. See Kelly and Melissa for full details. Jacksonville... — read more 

More fired last week

For awareness and accountability (if there's anyone in this company left who cares about such things) Web fired more people last week. COVID has done a number on the bottom line and so, like always, Web gets rid of people actually doing work. Hey... — read more 


Web needs to do the right thing and close down now. Have people work from home. Something. The first reported case in Duval was in an assisted care facility just a few miles from the building. This is being mishandled so badly. Human lives are... — read more 


Has anyone received any information about bonus payments outside of the public date? Management in my department are remaining very quiet about end of year appraisals and when we will find out respective bonus values?

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I wonder how much money Web blew changing the color of the logo to purple... Maybe it could have gone to more fruitful purposes, like, I don't know, the bonuses some of us haven't received yet.

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Remember USA Celebration

Talk bout reversing course and making the employees pay. It was only a few short years ago when there was a big celebration for becoming an All American customer service company. Who knew that one particular day would be the beginning of the end?... — read more 

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About Today's Layoffs

Web upper management wants to cut costs as much as possible by firing Yarmouth, PA, and Jax and outsourcing to the Philippines. Don't let the CEO's doublespeak fool you. It's all profit for them. All bottom line. If they can pay someone in the... — read more 

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Layoffs Today

Collections, CS, not sure what else. Many different locations affected. Being told that they can stay in their jobs for (max) 6 months. Outsourcing to Philippines.

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Just a heads up

I was a sales manager in the Scottsdale office for TorchX and Leadstream. Every rep and manager that I've spoken with has had issues with their severance pay / warning pay. If you get laid off, make sure you get your questions answered before leaving... — read more 

No shame

The people who were given until May haven't left yet and already Web is hiring their replacements in Canada. Snip snip. Cutting costs. A lot of smoke around this new way of doing bonuses, too. Will it replace the Christmas bonus? Will it apply to the... — read more . What's ahead?

Is there any information as to what is planned for the Jacksonville and PA locations? Each time an office is closed down there is a press release claiming they are still planning to move into the new building this summer, but I'm wondering if we will... — read more 

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