Thread regarding Advance Auto Parts Inc. layoffs

Is anybody still enjoying their job?

I'm a simple guy who loves cars. This used to be my dream job and I was more than happy here for years. Then things started to change. I'm not talking just about the layoffs and closings but the way employees are treated. Managers are acting like bullies-in-charge and instead of being sanctioned, they're being rewarded for that behavior. The atmosphere has changed so much that for the first time in nearly 15 years I'm considering leaving.

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I hear ya. I work for WP and it is frustrating the amount of stuff we are doing for Advance. Calling in having us look up parts.( which is a no no in my book) Asking for pricing and UPS tracking. i just don't understand why they do not have all that info at their fingertips. Advance needs to update the system or Pac needs to update Speed dial so they can see all that stuff. Makes no sense to be calling for the things they are calling in for. I don't know if it is a lack of training.. laziness or just d-mb. It seems anyone can get a job at Advance these days. All you have to know is what a car is

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