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Unfair load distribution?

I am a little envious of those who say they only work effectively for 2 hours because I am overwhelmed with work.
I don’t know if it has to do with a different approach, the type of work they do here or simply with the fact that the distribution of work is not good at Ford?
Some work non-stop while others chill. That's not very good.

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I would like to unfairly distribute a load in the office of the HR ladies who demand allegiance to the cult of wokeness.

Enjoy this W. Edwards Deming quote:

the aim of leadership should be to improve the performance of man and machine, to improve quality, to increase output, and simultaneously to bring pride of workmanship to people. Put in a negative way, the aim of leadership is not merely to find and record failures of men, but to remove the causes of failure: to help people to do a better job with less effort.

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Seriously, I dropped a two hour load the other day. Had to keep saying, yes there is someone in here. Darn efficient contract custodial staff. But seriously, a two pound load - verified by the weigh scale on the floor - even if the wrong weight the before/after should be pretty good - any TS's with time on their hands care to weigh in - get it weigh in, time on their hands after SRD - I am ki----g it!
OH, what is the post about, oh yeah, load distribution. I swear to god I could break the porcelain if I could just apply the right load. Then if we were in the correct approximate location to ventilation then the sh-t would hit the fan!

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There are a number of reasons for what seems like unfair work distributions and most are the result of a bad manager who either doesn’t notice that some have a light load, doesn’t deal with the slackers or doesn’t coach those with weak time management and organizational skills. There’s also the manager with poor planning skills who keeps everyone in emergency mode. You become overworked because each day brings interruptions for tasks that need to be done immediately.

If you’re a slacker with a manager like this it’s easy money and a low stress job. If you’re highly motivated you become stressed and bitter and your only recourse is to find a spot with a different manager.

Being the work horse in a team like this is a blessing and a curse. You get better raises and bonuses and end up with a salary higher than your peers. The down side is that upper management views all people as equal and those with higher salaries have a target on their backs during head count reductions. That’s one of the reasons we saw so many high performers walked out in SRD.

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While in the office it was easy to spot the truly over-burdened. These people had coworkers queued up at their cube seeking assistance, guidance, mentoring to solve problems, do their assigned work etc. These same people would then be working in the evenings to complete their assigned tasks. These people also ensured all the projects ran smoothly. In our department there was one of these people in each of our funtional areas, they were called technical specialists.

The rest of the department is primarily pretenders, incompetents, skaters, malcontents and wannabes.

Now in he Covid era, and post SRD (when all the technical specialists were terminated) it has been increasingly difficult to find anyone actually doing any work. Everyone just points the finger at others when problems arise as no one knows how to solve problems.
Our weekly status reporting meeting has shown no meaningful progress on any tasks in nearly two years. Recently our status reporting meeting was changed to no longer discuss project status but to discuss feelings and social issues.
The few people who were actually doing work funneled all their efforts into
preparing for job interviews and have been leaving Ford as they find other opportunities.

This seems to be the pattern in many areas. I blame poor management as instead of dealing with personnel issues they turn a blind eye, dump all the work on a couple of people, justify it by giving them a higher salary, which in turn makes the competent people targets for layoffs, which reenforces the notion that it does not pay to be competent or work hard at Ford. A viscous cycle of not good.

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It really is a confusing bag at Ford. Some drown because they lack basic organization and prioritization skills in addition to a disturbing lack of technical skills. These people complete tasks in the most rudimentary and inefficient way possible. Others drown because of sheer volume of work. Their efficiencies only serve them from totally going under. These people are in a constant day to day survival mode. Then there are the famous pretenders. These people will tell anyone who will listen how they are constantly "crashing" and have so much to do. These people you want to tell them they should stop yapping about it and get moving. Finally you have the perennially incompetent. These people don't have much to do because they are unable to complete anything and make a mess of anything they touch. They aren't assigned much because nobody wants to have to have to clean up their mess because they have enough on their plate already.

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