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Head count reduction is comming

As the company announced weakened first-quarter earnings, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger warned that the worldwide chip shortage will continue until companies increase their manufacturing capacity to meet renewed demand, which could take as long as two years, he said.
Despite chip makers scurrying to increase production, the chip shortage created by consumer demand during the COVID WAR continues to plague makers of electronics and other appliances.
Auto factories are shutting down because they remain unable to get hold of enough of the little silicon wafers.
Indeed, the global shortage of computer chips has become a crisis in the auto industry, manufacturers say. Daimler has cut hours for 18,500 workers as it waits for more chips.
Hold on to yer b u t s

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Rumor is that non-vaccinated people will be fired now as they will most likely die from Covid soon.

Get them off of the books now.

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A new paradigm is is old like Jimmy carter all over again.

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Inquiring minds need to know since this is the reason our economy is in the po---r.

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Vehicles with carburetors ran just fine. No chips, no ups, no extras. Temporarily allow automakers to bypass regulations until chipmageddon 2021 is over.

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Build cars without (so many) chips, sensors, bloatware or unnecessary features. Quality and reliability rests on simplicity. Be a leader in the industry.

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Another reason the supply chains are hindered.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare recorded 5,452 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday and NPR reported that hospitalizations in the country are increasing. The report said the country only approved one vaccine, the Pfizer shot, which has been blamed for setting the country back.
The country of 126.3 million has recorded 9,800 deaths since the start of the outbreak 14 months ago or the grand total of 0.00775 percent.
the su----e rate in Japan has sharply escalated as a result of the COVID War draconian rules. Last October, more people died of su----e in just one month than from COVID in all of 2020.
Among women, unable to take the psychological and physical stress of fighting in the COVID War, some 7,000 women took their lives last year... a 15 percent spike from 2019.
Over 14 months, that equates to just 0.000554 percent per month or an average of 700 deaths per month. And it should be noted, which the mainstream media, health officials, and politicians never do, of those alleged COVID deaths, over half of them are people 80 years of age and older.
So what is really going on?
Why has the flu season lasted 15 months?

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