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Another Big Cloud Win

Dish's 5G Network, to be built on Oracle Cloud

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The Dish deal has already fallen apart internally. They were forced to make this announcement due to some uncompromising pictures taken at an OCI event. Fortunately the pictures were reclaimed and OCI lost the leverage. You won’t hear about this in any press release...

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I’ve seen past Ax-Man posts with far more likes.

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Your comment got the most likes I’ve ever seen here and I love that you totally dismantled the OP’s post. He must work in marketing or HR.

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Another? Surely you jest! The previous "big"deals all fell apart shortly after they were announced.

Lemme guess.

  • compliance deal (would not be the first time Dish was forced to send big compliance $$ in Oracle's direction)
  • just because Dish "purchases" cloud credits does not mean they will use them. In fact, Dish has been a longtime AWS customer. Dish devs won't deploy on OCI unless they are given absolutely no other choice, driven down from the highest levels of the company. If that happens, it will be a first time ever. Dish's IT management lacks the leadership to do this (ask why they were rated as one of the worst tech companies to work at for so many years running)

💩 win, 💩 announcement, 💩customer, 💩 cloud service provider, zero chance of success, and zero chance of this turning into an actual recurring revenue stream.

Start the timer now and we'll all see how long this takes to fall apart.

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