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I am actively looking for a job and I have had several offers, but none of them seemed to me to be much better than what I have at HON. I mean, working conditions are slightly better, but not enough to miss the severance pay here. I've heard that some accept much worse offers, just to get out of here as soon as possible.
What kind of offer would you would gladly accept and leave here rather than waiting for severance?

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Don't be a severance ho. Man up and just get out of Dodge.

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There is one other issue that hasn't been mentioned in the previous posts about waiting for a layoff that may or may not happen to get severance pay.

Consider that waiting for a RIF with severance may put many other other people that get laid off at the same time with the same or better skill sets as your job into the new job hunt and would now compete with you in your local job market. Those offers you say you have may dry up.

You may get the severance pay but wind up being unemployed at the end of it.

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If @pmm is actually an HR Generalist, you have your answer right there as to how successful you would be at trying to use another job offer as leverage to improve your lot at HW. They'd just as soon you quit, assuming I interpreted "make a secession" correctly.

Check for the other companies you have offers from and see if their employees post as negatively as HW employees and ex-HONs do. I have not seen another company on so thoroughly dissed by so many.

Note that leaving for another company does not truly equate to leaving months of severance on the table because if you wait until you're RIF'd,

  • you run the risk of the severance policy being cut back in the meantime and getting less than you'd planned on;
  • you risk not being RIF'd;
  • you risk being fired instead of RIF'd and getting no severance;
  • you risk having your offers expire and not finding another job before your severance runs out, and
  • you know that nothing about your workday that you're trying to escape will improve.

If you take another offer, you simply move from one paycheck to another, with no risk in between.

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One option is that you use the current offer to negotiate with Honeywell for better pay. It’s a gamble, if it works out, you may get paid better and have slightly better resistance for all the non-sense. If not, then you could leave. Because it will happen anyways. Something to think about.

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Will that job offer still be valid when you eventually get RIF’d?

How long and difficult to secure the offer? What’s the long term outlook at the new company?

You have more insight than anyone on this board can have. Either post more details to help with an honest assessment or man up and make a secession.

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Waiting or volunteering for a RIF is only worth it if you are absolutely sure that you can survive the daily abuse and mental anguish that HW heaps upon you.

Otherwise, take the lifeboat off the Titanic while you still can...

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It sounds to me like you've answered your own question...that you have enough severance to make it worth staying until RIF'ed, since you haven't been offered that much more elsewhere, in your estimation. And your estimation is the only one that counts!

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