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What Do We Need

I think we need even more bean counters to jamb up what’s currently functioning too well, so that they too have a job, and guaranty that ours takes twice as long, bogged down in mindless, needless minutia, so as to guaranty our continued employment as well.
I think IT needs to continue their distinguished history of fumbling internal computer functions that should, by now, be seamless, were more competent hands at the helm.
I think we should continue to hire even more yes-men managers who feel that there’s no need to know the job, that it is more important to know HOW to manage, even if they’re clueless as to what they’re managing.

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1000% agree with those other posts on what we DONT NEED. . VZ India is worthless and should be disbanded. They are the #1 reason why we have IT layoffs in the first place. And they don’t have a clue what is best for Verizon sales employees who use our Point Of Sale systems nor How American customers use our online systems
Quality from them is poor. Production defects have never been higher. Sales Reps and Customers are very upset. Sales are falling. Customer Service calls are up. All due the Poor Quality we receive from them. Disband VZ India immediately

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I agreed with the post below. The best option is to cut VZ India completely out of the Picture. Use only onshore American workers living in the States. And stop using contractor vendors like InfoSys and Cognizant . Quality will go way way way up if this happened.

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