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"How to Lose a Company in Three Years"

The new hit sitcom from Discovery+/Warner Media - "How to Lose a Company in Three Short Years", starring Randall L. Stephenson and John Stankey.
I laughed till I stopped.

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Santone (HR) came from Turner/CNN, not the same as Warner Brothers, very different!
There was a reason Warner Media, HBO and CNN were kept separate, unfortunately ATT wasn't sharp enough to understand why.

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If he knew the dividend was going to be cut AND then told the world the dividend would not be reduced........... fraud ? Misrepresention? Lie? Maybe this new unnamed media company that we will own as stockholders will payout a nice dividend! Don’t hold your breath.

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SNL should be all over this. Jim Cramer is so upset with Stankey lying to him about the dividend being safe a week ago on his show that he crucifier T on Mad Money last night.

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I think Discovery will be a better custodian of Time Warner than AT&T.

First they don't believe in woke causes. They are pure entertainment company, so a lot of woke content (female leading roles, black roles) that garner little rating, will be gone.

Second, Ann Sarnoff will be let go. Everyone knows Kilar is gone, but Kilar put Ann Sarnoff who has done so little in Hollywood she is a no body to lead creative part of Time Warner. Hence all the female leading roles in HBO. She is gone.

Discovery will then reduce cost of getting HBO. HBO and Discovery together at 10 dollars per month is a decent deal. HBO Max at 15 dollars is too expensive, particularly once you have to release movies to theaters first next year.

Watch out for AT&T stock to bottom out at mid to high teens. The dividend cut is absolutely huge.

AT&T has other issues. Their new CFO knows next to nothing about telecom (came from Time Warner) and is weak. The HR lady came from Time Warner too and knows nothing about Telecom (the connection award is a mess). They will be gone soon.

As for Stankey, I doubt he lasts past 2022. McElfresh is the CEO.

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I bet that would make for good viewing. But make a movie and a drama not a sitcom. Starring role for Randall as the all knowing CEO who essentially lit the house on fire on his way out. This is really bad. Dividend cut in half. That stock price will come way down. Just wait. And Stankey as the second in command. And all while they made all this money on their way out. May be Plelpler can make a movie out of this. Were these people high when they made these transactions?

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