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Keep doing more with less

No resources and support but the constant push fpr more. Improve RPD, utilization.... enough. Without the tools we cannot do the job!!!!

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Field ops is going to get cooked. Increased demand and no staff. With the below average wages the company pays reliable and competent people will be hard to find.

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IT to start with!
Strategy is next.
Competent management.
Relevant bonuses.
Productive meetings.
Accountability from the top down rather than only for the lower layers.
Do what you say rather than cheap talks without follow up.
Stop being greedy, having disdain, the daily lies from the management (all levels).
Stop the kiss ass philosophy.
Stop being arrogant toward the competition.
Care about your clients.
Care about your employees.
Care about your franchisees.
Care about your neighborhood.
Here is a short list to name a few of what is needed.
Good luck to the next investors!
What I'd do first is layoff all the senior management from HQ, Europe and all the Corporate countries the first year.
A tree can't grow fruits if the trunk in rotten.
And Hertz is so rotten I'm surprised clients rent here.
It used to be such a great company decades ago!

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