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Anyone else being held back?

I'm wondering if it's just a coincidence that every single time I have an interview and list L3H as a former employer that shortly afterwards it's crickets from these companies... am I being blacklisted?
I've never been someone that trusted Human Resources but something like this would be an all time low even for them. Anyone else have this experience?

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Happens more than people realize. Anyone working in HR just always seems to be insecure or snarky. They see this as sport to ruin a reference for someone. They are basically toads who sit around and drink coffee and gossip all day.

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Yep. Found out that a company I applied to (and had several great interviews with and was being seriously considered) that the HR Mgr used to work at before. One of her cronies saw that I worked for L3 and apparently called her... never heard from the company again until I got an e-mail saying 'we've hired another candidate.'

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