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Ford offers BlueCruise hands free driving

Given our recent quality performance, might want to call this the Black and Blue Cruise when it doesn't work. 600k miles of testing doesn't seem like enough. Can't get the Mach E to move let alone drive itself. Have to be a trusting sole or Ford company car to sign up for this.

Automotive News:

DETROIT — Ford Motor Co.'s upcoming hands-free driver-assist system has a new name: BlueCruise.

Previously referred to as Active Drive Assist, the feature will go live in the third quarter on Ford's Mustang Mach-E crossover and F-150 pickup. Ford said Wednesday that BlueCruise software, activated through an over-the-air-update, will cost $600 for a three-year subscription, on top of the price of the hardware that varies by vehicle.

The feature finally will give Ford an answer to General Motors' Super Cruise and Tesla's Autopilot systems, although Ford has vowed to make BlueCruise more intuitive.

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Who remembers the claims of how many hours and miles the Ford Sync had been tested?
Yet Ford Sync would reboot itself while you were driving. It was so bad that I you had to have a backup navigation system. We had a garmin as Ford Sync rebooted multiple times while we were navigating in busy traffic thru unfamiliar cities. Now we just use iPhone / iPad as navigation as they are more reliable than Ford Sync.
I remember someone asking in meeting once why would someone want to use Ford Sync when they had navigation systems on their phones, the leader present at the meeting said that Ford Sync correctly pronounced Michigan street names. Lol
It took a decade for Ford Sync to become 75% as reliable as other navigation systems.

Since past behaviors usually predict future behaviors, why would we believe BlueCruise would be anymore reliable than Ford Sync?

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Musk found some videos of testing

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black and blue c(b) said op...

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I have owned 2 Fords over the past 30 years and both were total junk. I would never trust my life to let Ford do the driving

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Your vehicle also gets automated software updates from Ford. Nothing can go wrong with that.

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