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Nitpicking about everything?

I have noticed that management are starting to nitpick about everything. Including how long an employee is on the phone trying to help their members. The neverending emails and policy changes daily. I really think they are trying to stress their employees so that people will quit. When a person is two faced just know you can't trust either one of them. They are itching for a gigantic lawsuit. The powers that be are stressing out and it is trickling down to the worker bees who actually do their jobs. Watching and lurching for people to fire. Just remember management when you dig a grave for someone make sure you dig one for yourself.

OP @5tkm+1ahvOxIw, great observation!

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The nitpicking is how you know they’re beginning to set you up for a layoff. You do well, you produce good work then suddenly lots of minute “issues” and they have no other way to get rid of you than to make it all up. This usually only happens if you aren’t kissing the a** of your manager. If this is beginning to happen to you, get a better job. UHG isn’t worth it.

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