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Lots of reasons for mass exodus of talented people?

If I had found another job, I would try to forget that I had ever worked here. The best people are leaving and they are doing nothing to stop this trend.
Although, maybe they can’t do it now, because that would require radical changes that can’t happen overnight. This has become a company without a soul. Just a machine.

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Lots of change in management and lots of good people leaving recently, especially in CSG.

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I have also noticed a lot of talented people are leaving Salesforce. Such a shame.

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Indeed, they used to be a startup, a small brand, where they needed to attract top talents to fuel their hyper growth.
That was when they really cared for the employee wellbeing, and it was their selling point "Best Place To Work". That has become the past.
Now that they have established the branding gimmick as Best Place To Work, they believe many people are now applying to work for them. This is why now they don't care about best talents leaving. They believe they can replace anyone easily.

This arrogant mindset will be the cancerous seed that will someday grow and consume the company inside out.

To all good talents, don't be blinded by the perks, those will one day be gone, just like the Hawaiian theme and Ohana. Instead, look for alternative before it is too late, when time gets tough, you are expendable. Good luck!

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