Thread regarding ExxonMobil Corp. layoffs

This CEO is the worst in history !

Let see what is his report for 2021 :
1) got Xom booted out of DJ index after staying close to 100 yrs
2) resulted in unprecedented layoff of workers
3) compensation for layoff is the worst VS Shell and chevron
4) he has gotten most employees to hate the company despite they have spent and invested half their life time
5) so much so these ex employees will never be the consumers for Xom prdts
6) gotten Xom in highest debt and downgraded by moody twice within a short period of time

Yet this atrocious CEO and d▯▯b wood still has the cheek to “pip “ employees and retrenched workers ( impacting many livelihoods) while enriching himself with f▯t pay and dividend . Are these employees responsible for the huge debt that the company incurred today ? Where was the Xom that used to boost of its superior financial strength and discipline that we conduct our business through self financing ?
This CEO and all his cronies are the ones ought to be fired and retrenched instead of the ranks and files who are no responsible for the pathetic state of affair of the company today ! Where is the justice ? Where is the corporate governance ? Where is fair employment act ? It’s a mockery to what UNited states stand for as a nation ! What a blatant shame of capitalism and corrupted system !

Perfectly stated, @opn+1a9D36Gc!

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Exxon cannot be original. The campus mimics shell. Exxon is trying so hard to be Google yet Google is not the best company. If Exxon were the best and brightest they would have more of their own ideas.

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I would ask why he has not been fired but he is probably part of the same club as the rest of the managers in this company that were promoted based on who they know rather than what they know.

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I am a employee and promise to my self to no avoid any Exxon product

I am so sad... used to love this company but do not recognize the place that I work for

Yes I am looking for a new job

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Capitalism is what has allowed the company to flourishing into what it previously was. Leadership is what has spiraled the company into what it is today.

The use of the system in the way the company has shown very poor leadership and ethics at the highest level. It will take a long time for the working person to recover (if it ever does before the company is a shell of its former glory).

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I was with you until you criticized capitalism.

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