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Base Salary
Base salary is twice–monthly pay that is determined on a competitive basis and adjusted according
to performance, job scope and responsibility, and position–in–range. Base salary considers skills,
experience and competitive market value.
Salary ranges represent what Ford pays for a job within a salary grade or leadership level based
on external market data in comparison to similar positions from other leading companies in our
compensation surveys.
Employees generally enter a new salary grade or leadership level at a lower point in the range.
This amount can vary based on the location, position, relevant skills and experience of the
individual employee. As employees develop new competencies and demonstrate high
performance, they will have the opportunity to increase their salary over time through pay
increases, such as merits and promotions. For more information on the salary range in which this
position falls please see the information below:
Salary Grade Minimum (Annual) Maximum (Annual)
Salary Grade 1 $33,300 $54,780
Salary Grade 2 $36,240 $61,200
Salary Grade 3 $40,800 $69,240
Salary Grade 4 $47,940 $80,580
Salary Grade 5 $55,560 $93,360
Salary Grade 6 $63,600 $106,560
Salary Grade 7 $73,560 $123,120
Salary Grade 8 $84,300 $141,180
Paydays for GSR employees are the 15th and the last working day of the month. If a payday falls
on a weekend or holiday, payday is on the last preceding scheduled workday.

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Too much for just attending stupid meetings and pushing phony metrics.

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The difference between humans and animals is that animals never follow the dumbest in the pack/herd.

Odds of Ford being around in the future are slim, with the humans “leading” the company.

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: @4yfv+1arYQQEj
As we migration towards being a full BEV manufacturer, highly inefficient areas of the company such as the one you describe will be reduced. Fact is we don't need that many engineers, designers, business and IT people to support this type of technology. Manufacturing will get hit the hardest. I see the company reducing in size by at least 30% by 2030.
Hang in there another few years, your section will eventually be eliminated which should make you very happy.

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@4jtl+1arYQQEj are you sure you are a Ford employee?
Or are you one of the Ford coasters and social climbers? One of those ruthless people who eagerly stepped on the necks of your coworkers for a promotion – and now think you are entitled to a fat paycheck for just existing?

26 years at Ford and I see the inefficiencies and waste at the company. Literally 80% of the staff in my area could be let go, and the productivity would increase, assuming the 20% who actually do work were retained.

Pay grades and bonus are a constant topic at work as those who actually do work feel like dopes because all their coworkers are getting paid as much or more than them to do nothing.
Jeez Louise we have people who refuse to do work because they are retiring soon (in 10 years), we have people claiming they are “sick” for a week when they are du–b enough to document their activities on social media, we have people just working 2 hours a day, the list goes on. And what do the LL4, LL5, LL6 do? Look the other way and hire more people. Yeah they certainly deserve their paychecks!

Yes we all understand that the coasters don’t want the boat rocked until they retire from a career of coasting and backstabbing.

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By your comments you are not a Ford employee, maybe purchased service or contract by not Ford direct.
If you were a Ford employee, pay scales are available to view up to a LL5.

The stockholders could care less about what some paygrade is in the company.

I've worked at Ford of almost 30 years and we simply do not get into discussions about management paygrades. It doesn't matter!

If you are sooo envious, please get a business or engineering degree, get direct hired, then work to climb the company ladder to an LL5 or 4 position.

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Maybe the stock holders care?
The employees who actually give a darn care.
The majority of salaried employees are fine with the company waste as they are on the Ford welfare program, collecting a paycheck for doing little to nothing.
It disgusts me to see all my coworkers just st–––––g it and collecting a paycheck.
The LL5 keeps claiming she needs more people when she has 80% of her staff loafing. What a joke.
Even the newly hired college graduates see the waste and wonder why the department has hundreds of people when only 20 are doing any work.

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Why do these D.A. questions keep coming up? Who cares!

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Too bad Ford does not have to publish the salaries and compensations.
Most LL5+ do not want those # published.
One LL5 purchased a King Ranch F150 with his bonus and had money to spare.
One LL4 purchased his daughter a house with his bonus
Then there are the vendor kickbacks that some LL enjoy until they are caught. Then they just get a job with the vendor, or retire to spend time with family.
The reward system is not consistent with results.

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Lots of misinformed people here. Bonus target ~2x LL6 bonus target. Nothing like 125k or multiples of salary.

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Base is likely closer to 170k+ unless they are very bad LL5 or not in US.
Long time good GSR8 average 120k
LL6 median 140–150k

As other mentioned go to HR online and see salary bands. promotions nearly always bump salary to median of promoted to band. Then figure non salary compensation as 2x–3x salary.

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$125k base and $125k with stock, lease car, and bonuses.

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About 12 times their monthly salary.

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The salary bands are posted in HR online so you can see the base salary.
What you do not see is the bonuses and other perks which exceed the base salary.
The bonus structure varies depending on the year. This is why the LL5s are
Uber focused on getting bonuses, and we see a lot of fake results to get the bonus.

The LL6 bonus is paltry compared to LL5 bonus.
For example, one year the LL6 bonus was 15k and the LL5 bonus was 125k.

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$500,000. That doesn’t sound possible. If a person was promoted from LL6 to LL5 they would not receive and increase of somewhere between 300% and 400%.

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Too much......I wouldn’t give you a nickel for ours.

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