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Shameful but true

At most of the companies experience gained by years spent there is valued and rewarded by the leadership. Not here. The longer you’ve been here the bigger the chance of you being laid off with no warning. They don’t see experience, all they see is your pay and the possibility of hiring somebody who’d do your job for half as much. That’s it. Shameful but true.

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Laid off after 21 years and if you get offered a job they will only pay you entry level pay even though you have experience. They don't give a cr-p. My position got moved off shore. Cheaper for them. It's not if it's when you will be laid if you been there long and at a higher wage.

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It’s all about cost per FTE.

They don’t care about knowledge, experience, skills or the fact that many of us are doing the work of 2–3 people.

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I would say this is true based on my observations. I’ve seen many people get laid off. And made them work for an extra few months after they were given notice.

S h i t t y AF!

It’s very corporate environment and you’re just a number to them. I don’t feel sorry for the them when clients or providers dispute with them.

Has anyone here been laid off recently? What dept? How long were you there? Do you want to go back and work for them again? If so, why?

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