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Pi---d off

Regis offers managers and stylist $250.00 if they stay until the closing date but sdl’s get paid way more than that when they lose their jobs or their positions are taking away. The managers and stylist are the ones standing on their feet all day dealing with the public. Wow regis ‼️

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Back in the day Regis was an excellent employer.

It was run by people who were familiar with stylist and the salon industry.

They cared about the stylist and they showed it.

I was a stylist, manager and then Area supervisor.

They paid very well and provided ongoing education, monetary gifts, trip, bonuses and expense account and car.

We took annual all expenses paid trips to different countries.
They believed in treating and paying their people well and in return they had a very high retention level.
After, the board members took over it's been run like a sweat shop.
They couldn't care less about retention and moral. It's run like a fast food chain..

They seem to forget the company success is based on the stylist level of productivity.

Stylist are artist They are NOT fast food workers!
It breaks my heart to see what they've done to such a rich a vibrant company...and the industry.

Focus on the artisty of doing hair and the profit roll in.

Focus on the profits and the stylist roll on to another employer.

Consequently, they end up with a bunch of inexperienced management and ineffective leadership reading numbers on paper..clueless to the fact that if Regis doesn't start treating their stylist like the gold that they are, they will continue to decline.

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This company is a joke. Stay away

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I have been forced to work throughout the entire pandemic with absolutely not another soul with me... I was forced to work regardless whether I had been vaccinated.. I received only the minimum of stimulus... Our franchise owner was supposed to pay me 40 hours a week regardless whether I worked it or not... Not only did I not get that pay but the franchisee put a new pool in during covid and a new putting green... I should have stayed laid off until the new owners bought the place... Everything has completely changed since the pandemic people are doing hair at home , people quit splurging on salons like they used to.. I stay on eggshells everyday because I do not know what tomorrow holds with this job...

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Regis gave its manager 1% of their annual fee for managers positions and I know for a fact that when the Sdl position was taken from them on Sdl received a li of $9000 after taxes she got a lil over $7000. But the Sdl’s crunch numbers, it’s the managers that deal with the customers. I hadn’t seen a Sdl at the salon in over 2 years. So anyone working for Regis prepare to get railroaded and used because they really don’t care for nobody and overtime pay a-s a manager it’s time and a half it’s commissioned. They are also firing their sdl’s or as usual replacing them.

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I got closed today and found out afterwards that I got the manager position. I'm pi---d about it. Why the fu-k would you give me the manager position after I close the store.

Regis don't give 2 fu--s about their stylist.

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