Thread regarding Ametek Inc. layoffs

Product Quality - An important component to consider in employment

As a user of Ametek products, all I can say is I wish I wasn't. I haven't seen cr-p til I fooled with their products. They make Yugos look like a Honda.

  1. The initial quality of the instruments is makes me scratch my head since those products under the former owners were top of the line.
  2. The applications used with these instruments sucks worse. Has Ametek heard of UX for example? Using their apps is like using RPN; "Reverse Polish Notation"; on a non-RPN calculator.
  3. Service is possibly the worst experience for a customer. Service personnel that know little if anything of the product. If they know about it, its weeks before a useful response percolates up. Spare parts are non-existent.. in the US at least.
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