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I'm so sick of this

My manager and I do not get along. We are polar opposites and have gotten into heated arguments time and time again. Over the last year I’ve come close to quitting so many times I’ve lost count. I’m afraid that he’ll push me too far one day and I’ll just quit on the spot - with no plan B. I need this job until I can find another one (I’m looking) but honestly I don’t know if I can make it until then. Jobs are scarce in my location and it’s taking everything I have to hold on but at this point I don’t know if I’ll regret walking off in the middle of a shift.

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You have to make looking for a new job a full time job. Every minute you are not at Hertz should be spent making connections and finding something new. Hertz does a great job at making you think you do not have marketable skills. What ever your role is dig down into what you really do and find a company who needs it. One thing about the garbage managers at Hertz their laziness forced you to learn many skills to survive the day to day. Those skills are highly sought after by company's. Good luck.

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I feel you! Now, focus on getting your life needs in order instead of focusing in on that manager. Everyday you pay off a bill or save a little extra while looking for a job will set you up for the next step.

You have to make the decision and then stick with the plan and you have to apply to everywhere so you have options.

Now is the time! DO IT!

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