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Did you work out a notice?

I was offered an opportunity at another company. Not going to bore you with the details but I do have a question. Has anyone who gave noticed actually worked it? If so, were you given more work to do during those 2 weeks? Or were you told your notice was not needed and escorted out? I want to be prepared for any outcome.

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You don't owe a terrible boss and terrible company the courtesy of a 2 week notice. I sent in my resignation effective same day and never regretted that decision. Glad to be out of there and can see a huge difference now at my new company. Far better.

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I've had many people give notice. About 50% stick around for the 2 weeks. 50% are walked out the door. Depends on if you know something that needs passed along to your team or next-in-line. You still get paid, so I wouldn't worry about the outcome.

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I have seen both. It depends on the relationship you have with your team and department.

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They will not allow you to follow threw with the 2 weeks notice. Once it’s time for you to quit do it same day.

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